How to solve social injustice, sociologists tell ESPN Crikey

Sociologists have long been known for their analysis of the problems people face in their everyday lives.But a new book by sociologist Dr. James McBride tackles the issue of social inequality.“Sociologists have spent years arguing about social inequality,” McBride said in an interview with CricInfo.“This book will provide a better understanding of social inequity and its causes, and it will […]

What does it mean to be anomies? Sociologist reveals a different understanding of what it means to be a ‘caste’

Sociologist Professor Richard Binder has revealed an “existential crisis” for those who are “caste” and believes that the modern concept of caste can have a huge impact on our society.“I think that the ‘castes’ concept that is so commonly used is based on a misunderstanding of the nature of our relationship to each other, and the ways in which we […]

Sociology of Sport: The Rhetoric of Race, Ethnicity and Social Grouping

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