How to use social science research to find the truth about inequality in the workplace

In the workplace, social science is still very much a science.But what do you do when the evidence for a hypothesis is mixed?How can we test it?We know that social science can’t make predictions, but can at least help us to think through questions and questions can be answered, say social scientists Daniel Addams and Anne Akerlof, whose research into […]

How does one become a social science compass?

An anthropologist who works in social anthropology is trying to find out.The New York Times article published on Thursday said that the world is in a state of flux.“The world is changing, and we have to be ready to adapt,” said Benjamin Brumby, a professor of anthropology at New York University.Brumby is a member of the National Science Foundation’s Anthropological […]

Which is more anthropological? sociology vs anthropology

Anthropology is an interdisciplinary field of study that examines the relationship between humans and other living things.Sociology is an in-depth study of society, history, culture and the arts.Anthropology focuses on the study of the physical, psychological, social, and cultural aspects of the human condition.Both fields of study are used in research and scholarship.Some anthropology students may choose to pursue a […]