A sociology of the intersection theory

Sociology of the “intersection theory” is an umbrella term for a wide range of theories, some of which deal with issues of social construction, gender and race, as well as the ways in which people think about their relationships with other people.These theories are often used to analyse cultural systems and the interactions between people and things in everyday life.However, […]

How to build a crypto hedge fund that invests in blockchain technology

The crypto hedge funds industry is a booming one with the first major crypto fund raising $6 million earlier this year.This new fund is based on the concept of the blockchain.A decentralized database of information and transactions which uses cryptography to verify all data is valid and verifiable by the blockchain, and its use has led to an explosion in […]

Which medical specialty is the most influential?

Sociology is the study of social and political attitudes and behaviours and is a major field in the medical profession.But as the role of sociology in the NHS has increased, so has the role that sociology plays in the healthcare industry.Sociology has a strong role to play in the health sector, as it helps to build understanding of how people […]