How to identify and treat people with disabilities in the globalization definition

With globalisation definition, we often think of globalization as the new norm.But the reality is that the word is also used to describe a set of societal norms that are being challenged, often in a way that is far more profound and problematic than the ones being challenged.In fact, a look at a broader range of definitions can reveal that […]

Which university is most likely to get rid of diversity on campus?

In 2018, the University of California at San Diego (UCSD) was ranked first on a list of colleges and universities that are most likely “to get rid” of diversity in their student body.According to the UC San Diego Diversity Study Report 2018, “UC San Diego ranks first for its perceived acceptance of racial and ethnic minorities and second for its […]

Duke Sociology: The Hidden History of a University

Duke University sociology professor Eric Sperling has spent the last few years writing an essay titled “The Hidden History Of Duke University’s Sociology.”In it, he explores Duke’s “great” history, and explains why the university should be remembered for what it is not, instead of what it could be.“Duke’s sociology is the stuff of legends, of fairy tales,” Sperled writes in […]