Sociological imagination defines rural sociology definition

A sociology professor in rural South Africa is using his academic expertise to redefine what a rural sociologist looks like.Dr. Nhlanhla Ngozi, who teaches at the University of Cape Town, said he hopes his work will help rural South Africans understand the complex social relationships between communities and the state.“This will allow us to understand how we are perceived, what […]

Politics is politics and the media is media

Political Science professor of journalism at Stanford University Michael Isikoff discusses the importance of social media in the modern political landscape.Tags education,media,media ethics,student,social-media article Education is an important part of the education system, but what about media ethics?Is it okay to post political opinions about students?This discussion was conducted on an anonymous survey.Topics:political-science,government-and-politics,arts-and of-arts,education-and,social—media,united-states