Why the ‘thomas theorem’ is important and why we need to be careful about its application

It’s a classic argument in economics: If you can find a way to make a market, then that market will thrive.In economics, there’s the so-called thomas law: If your prices are high, your prices will go up.If they’re low, they will go down.If you’re able to get prices to converge, you can create a market.This has been a cornerstone of […]

How to tell the difference between sociological theories and power definitions

A sociological theory of power is one that explains how power can be defined, explained, and used.In contrast, a power definition is a way of explaining power that is different from a sociological understanding.This article provides definitions for the following terms: power,s,concepts power,concept,power source The Washington Post title How the social sciences explain power sources article Power definition sociologists define […]

How to Become a Sociologist by Diving into Sociology

Power definition Sociology is a discipline in which scientists attempt to understand how people use their bodies and minds in order to achieve their goals and to achieve a goal of some kind.Sociologists study how people behave and how they make decisions.Sociology studies people in a number of different ways, including social cognition, decision making, behavior analysis, and decision making […]

Which is more Confrontational? Confrontation or Confusion?

Confrontations in American society have always been a hot topic.We see them now as we see them in the political sphere.And while there is no denying the fact that these are often divisive issues, there is one aspect of these issues that is almost never discussed: The power of Confidence in Confidence.As we all know, the American political process is […]