How to find the best job in the world: 10 tips from experts in sociology, psychology, and anthropology

By now, you probably know that a job is one that offers both prestige and a sense of purpose.Sociology masters program students often find themselves in positions of authority, earning a reputation for their abilities in the field.It’s the job of a sociology master to help you navigate those waters.It could also be the most rewarding one.We sat down with […]

A brief guide to the concept of capitalism, by the sociologists Stephen B. Levinson and William B. Cohan

title Capitalism: What the word means to the world?By the sociologist Stephen B: Capitalism is defined as the economic and political system which uses a competitive market system to organize and control production and distribution of goods and services.It also describes the institutions, practices, and economic systems which support and enforce that system.Capitalism is usually understood to be a form […]

What is the alienation definition?

A new definition of alienation has emerged from a survey of more than 3,000 Canadians by the American Sociological Association.The survey was released Friday as part of its annual conference.“In our society, there is a deep sense of alienation, especially when people feel isolated and disconnected from others,” said Jennifer L. Rafferty, director of the Canadian Association for Sociology, in […]