‘Unbelievable’: How Australia’s new anti-gay laws will impact LGBTQI people

An international study of how Australians’ attitudes to homosexuality and gender identity will affect LGBTQI Australians in 2018 has found that the laws will have an impact on both.Key points: An international survey of 1,000 people from around the world found Australians’ views on same-sex relationships, same-gender relationships, transgender identity, and sexual orientation will be affected by the law changes.The […]

‘Sociological Perspective’ says Sanctions won’t help US economy, economist says

FOX SPORTS, Colo.— Sociologists have an opinion about whether sanctions against Russia for its role in the Ukrainian crisis will help the United States.The American sociologist Michael Hudson, who is professor emeritus at the University of Texas, said the sanctions have been “an extraordinary misallocation of resources.”He said he sees a “very serious problem” in trying to get the U.S. […]