What is sociology? summary sociologist and writer Sarah Schulz explains the sociological imagination.

Sarah Schultz is the author of several books, including the forthcoming sociology of the commons: How we share our commons, and how we create new ways of living.In this episode of the podcast, she speaks with the hosts about the sociologists and sociographers who have influenced her work.What is sociological imagination?Schulz defines sociological imaginary as “the thinking that society is […]

What you need to know about sociological imaginations

A sociology experiment in the making.The theory is that people with an unhealthy obsession with their own thoughts have less empathy for other people and feel less connected to others, and this makes them more prone to aggression.This can have harmful consequences, particularly when a person is high in narcissistic personality disorder.The study, led by Professor David Goodacre of the […]

The Psychology of Sociology: A New Theory of Social Cognition

title How Social Cognitions Are Like Physics: How Social Psychology is Different article title The Sociology of Social Norms article title Sociology is about norms.It’s about how norms shape behavior, even when those behaviors are completely arbitrary.