What you need to know about ‘The Sociopaths of the West’?

Sociopath is a catch-all term for any person who is morally evil or selfish, or who has a tendency to act in ways that damage the welfare of others.This term is used in a broad range of contexts to describe individuals who do not conform to social conventions or values.Sociopathic traits are commonly associated with those who are self-centered and […]

‘It was just like a lot of things I’d done’: The best sociologists are still alive

Sociologists, as a discipline, are still the ones who have to look at the past and look at their own biases.This is a big one, as well.I’m writing this article on the eve of the start of the Sociological Association of America conference in Dallas, but this is an old story, and I wanted to share it. A couple of years […]

The most important universities in India to study science

The Times Of India – 3.9.2016 | 14:04 ISTWith nearly 70 per cent of the country’s population below the poverty line, there is an acute need for science in India.And there are many places where the demand is highest.But not every school has a suitable curriculum, which has to be adapted for different cultures.To help students from all over the […]