When you’re a master, you’re in the know

By Emma Lutz article The words “master” and “mastery” are often used interchangeably.The two are often applied interchangeably, and in some cases they are interchangeable.However, the way they are used can vary greatly from person to person.The words are used interchangeatively, but the meaning of each one is different.For example, one might use “masteries” to describe the mastery of certain […]

How to find the best job in the world: 10 tips from experts in sociology, psychology, and anthropology

By now, you probably know that a job is one that offers both prestige and a sense of purpose.Sociology masters program students often find themselves in positions of authority, earning a reputation for their abilities in the field.It’s the job of a sociology master to help you navigate those waters.It could also be the most rewarding one.We sat down with […]

The sociology of internalization: From self-esteem to the sociology of self-doubt

Internalized attitudes are among the most powerful influences on the development of our values, according to a new study by the University of Sydney’s School of Social Sciences.The sociology of inner-city children and young adults was developed as part of the University’s Global Change Research Institute (GCRI) programme to identify the connections between human capital and social capital, and how […]