When you’re a master, you’re in the know

By Emma Lutz article The words “master” and “mastery” are often used interchangeably.The two are often applied interchangeably, and in some cases they are interchangeable.However, the way they are used can vary greatly from person to person.The words are used interchangeatively, but the meaning of each one is different.For example, one might use “masteries” to describe the mastery of certain […]

How to be a humanist in the 21st century

Cricinfo title How can the humanities be humanist?article The humanities are a subject that I find fascinating, and in fact, the term humanist is used a lot in my own work.But it’s also a topic that is quite complex.For one thing, it’s difficult to define what humanism is.For another, many of the most influential people in the humanities have been […]