Why the ‘thomas theorem’ is important and why we need to be careful about its application

It’s a classic argument in economics: If you can find a way to make a market, then that market will thrive.In economics, there’s the so-called thomas law: If your prices are high, your prices will go up.If they’re low, they will go down.If you’re able to get prices to converge, you can create a market.This has been a cornerstone of […]

How to avoid scams when buying crypto-currency

Posted November 09, 2019 02:12:20 A simple guide to avoiding scams when you buy crypto-currencies.The following is a guide to avoid crypto-crisis scams when shopping for crypto-money.To buy crypto, you must first know your crypto-cryptocurrency.It will be a combination of bitcoin and altcoins.When you are shopping for a cryptocurrency, you should be prepared to pay a fair price for your […]