‘Unsustainable Sociology’ Is a Term that Explains the Globalization of Sociology

From The Wall Street Journal: U.S. sociologists say their discipline is becoming “unsustainable” because of globalization.But it is not just globalization that is to blame.“In many cases, it is globalization itself that is the problem,” says Mark Schmitt, a sociology professor at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill who is a founding editor of Sociological Images.“The problem is […]

How the U.S. Government Is Using Science and Social Engineering to Manipulate the Public on Social Issues

A study conducted by a professor of social sciences at the University of Illinois has revealed how the U., the U of A. and the UConn, are being manipulated by a “scientific” social engineering agenda.“It is not a scientific agenda, it is a social engineering,” Prof. James McWilliams, a professor at the U, said.“You have the social engineers and you […]