Why social media is the key to social justice

The rise of social media as the most potent tool of social change is not a new phenomenon.But with the proliferation of platforms, including Twitter and Facebook, the scale of change in social justice movements has grown exponentially.Sociologist, sociologist, and activist, James L. Brown, a professor at Georgetown University and the author of several books, believes that social media has […]

How to identify and treat people with disabilities in the globalization definition

With globalisation definition, we often think of globalization as the new norm.But the reality is that the word is also used to describe a set of societal norms that are being challenged, often in a way that is far more profound and problematic than the ones being challenged.In fact, a look at a broader range of definitions can reveal that […]

‘It was just like a lot of things I’d done’: The best sociologists are still alive

Sociologists, as a discipline, are still the ones who have to look at the past and look at their own biases.This is a big one, as well.I’m writing this article on the eve of the start of the Sociological Association of America conference in Dallas, but this is an old story, and I wanted to share it. A couple of years […]

Which is more anthropological? sociology vs anthropology

Anthropology is an interdisciplinary field of study that examines the relationship between humans and other living things.Sociology is an in-depth study of society, history, culture and the arts.Anthropology focuses on the study of the physical, psychological, social, and cultural aspects of the human condition.Both fields of study are used in research and scholarship.Some anthropology students may choose to pursue a […]

Politics is politics and the media is media

Political Science professor of journalism at Stanford University Michael Isikoff discusses the importance of social media in the modern political landscape.Tags education,media,media ethics,student,social-media article Education is an important part of the education system, but what about media ethics?Is it okay to post political opinions about students?This discussion was conducted on an anonymous survey.Topics:political-science,government-and-politics,arts-and of-arts,education-and,social—media,united-states

The most important universities in India to study science

The Times Of India – 3.9.2016 | 14:04 ISTWith nearly 70 per cent of the country’s population below the poverty line, there is an acute need for science in India.And there are many places where the demand is highest.But not every school has a suitable curriculum, which has to be adapted for different cultures.To help students from all over the […]

The hidden world of the sociology department

It’s a story of growing disenchantment and the ever-present threat of losing your job.A professor at University of California, Berkeley, says he has been “put on notice” for the past year after a video of him berating a female student in the sociology Department surfaced online.“I am being placed on leave, I am being asked to go into the hospital, […]

How to find the best football fans

Sociology and anthropology are both considered to be the most important aspects of football and a huge part of what separates good football fans from bad ones.One of the most popular forms of footballing education is called sociology and it is the study of the sociological impact of the sport on the society and the culture.One way to find out […]

Sociologists: Postmodernism is the new Marxism definition

Sociologists and social scientists have long been engaged in a struggle for the soul of the modern world, arguing that the social and political landscape has become a mirror of its cultural and economic trends.In this postmodernist era, however, it is the other way around.“The postmodern age has been defined by a new kind of critical theory,” says John Dickson, […]

How do you build a successful sociology research

Sociology research can be a tricky business.With its emphasis on interdisciplinary collaborations and a focus on social change, it can be intimidating to navigate.But there are ways to get the job done.To help with that, TechCrunch has put together a roundup of 20 tips for getting the most out of your research.For the latest in sociology research, check out the […]

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