How content analysis could improve the way people think

Sources: Recode Media,, The Verge, Vox Media, Quartz, CNN, The Associated Press title Recode to partner with Bloomberg to create ‘content analysis’ tool article Bloomberg Media has signed a deal with Recode that will create a new tool that will help content analysis teams find and engage with content, the Wall Street Journal reports.The newsroom will be partnering with […]

Cornell sociology professor makes controversial remarks about women

Cornell sociology Professor James P. Houser, who has written extensively about women’s issues, made controversial remarks Wednesday about women, saying they’re too afraid to be themselves because they are “embarrassed.”Houser told The Associated Press in a telephone interview that it is “just not worth” women trying to assert themselves and that they are too afraid of being judged by others.He […]

How to make money on the internet with YouTube content

The best way to make some money online is to create original content.That’s the advice of video game journalist and YouTube creator Josh Levin.You can’t make money off of video games, Levin said, but you can make a living off of YouTube.You don’t need to have a YouTube channel to create videos on your own.You just need a few tools.In […]

Which is more likely: Sociology 101 or Crash Course Sociology?

Sociology is the study of human behavior and how people react to it.While its roots are in the philosophy of Aristotle and his followers, it is now increasingly used to teach social science.According to the Sociology Department of the College of Liberal Arts at The University of North Carolina, the major difference between Sociology and Crash Course is that Crash […]

Sociologists: Postmodernism is the new Marxism definition

Sociologists and social scientists have long been engaged in a struggle for the soul of the modern world, arguing that the social and political landscape has become a mirror of its cultural and economic trends.In this postmodernist era, however, it is the other way around.“The postmodern age has been defined by a new kind of critical theory,” says John Dickson, […]

Sociology majors are now a big hit with employers

In the first quarter of 2017, more than 3 million people applied for Sociology degrees in the United States, the highest number since 2008.And that number only grew from a year earlier, with a total of 2.5 million people applying for sociology degrees in 2016, according to the American Sociological Association.The trend is especially notable given the high number of […]

Is the postmodernist sociology of aggregation sociology?

An aggregation sociology of sociology is a branch of sociology that examines the way in which individuals and groups can form groups in a complex world.An aggregation sociologist looks at the way groups and individuals can be shaped, controlled, and controlled in such a way that they become the dominant social unit in a society.Sociologists who study aggregators often focus […]

How do you build a successful sociology research

Sociology research can be a tricky business.With its emphasis on interdisciplinary collaborations and a focus on social change, it can be intimidating to navigate.But there are ways to get the job done.To help with that, TechCrunch has put together a roundup of 20 tips for getting the most out of your research.For the latest in sociology research, check out the […]

Stanford and UC Berkeley play in first-ever game of the season

A 1-0 Stanford victory over UC Berkeley on Saturday night marked the first time in NCAA Division I history that the Cardinal have played at home and in front of the home crowd.It was the first of two games at Levi’s Stadium this season, and Stanford was coming off a 24-0 loss to No. 3 UCLA.The Cardinal (14-3, 6-3 Pac-12) […]

How to get a sociology degree online: ‘If you don’t get a job, you won’t have the opportunity’

From a young age, students in Australia often learn to identify social situations as problematic, which is a useful skill.That’s why they’re taught that their social situations can be socially unacceptable, and thus their social behaviour is inherently problematic.But how do they know which situations are problematic and which are not?The answer is not as simple as we might imagine.We’re […]

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