How to be a social justice activist and a nerd who loves science and technology

By Katherine BowersAuthor Katherine BowerPublished Mar 05, 2017 12:37AM(©2017 The Huffington Posts)It’s been a while since we last checked in on the world’s most popular social media network.But that doesn’t mean we can’t be inspired by the best and brightest of our peers.We’ve gathered a selection of inspiring quotes from some of our favourite Twitter personalities.Take a look below and […]

‘We don’t want to have any of this’: ‘We have to be careful of the cultural history’

From the beginning of this summer, we’ve heard all the usual warnings about the rising tide of anti-Semitic attacks, the growing anti-immigrant sentiment and the growing hostility to Israel.These concerns, we hear, are all coming from within and without the United States.The United States of America is not the only country in the world that has faced this crisis.Canada, for […]

The sociological perspective definition of reliability

The sociologist, sociologist definition, sociological theory and sociological perspectives define the relationship between the social and the scientific.We take a look at the sociological mindset of the sociologist and sociologist theory in order to better understand the sociocultural perspective of science.In this episode, we examine how sociologists view reliability, how they define reliability, what they consider reliable evidence and how […]

What is sociology? summary sociologist and writer Sarah Schulz explains the sociological imagination.

Sarah Schultz is the author of several books, including the forthcoming sociology of the commons: How we share our commons, and how we create new ways of living.In this episode of the podcast, she speaks with the hosts about the sociologists and sociographers who have influenced her work.What is sociological imagination?Schulz defines sociological imaginary as “the thinking that society is […]

How to Make a Feminist Theory Sociology with a Game title A lot of the best books on the intersection of women’s rights, women’s studies, and sociology are written with games in mind. Here are ten ways to make your own.

The problem is, you’re not going to write a book about feminism and sociology in one go.So the best you can do is take a series of books on a topic and figure out how to get the data you want out of them.The first step is to figure out what kind of data you need to make that happen.If […]

How to use social science research to find the truth about inequality in the workplace

In the workplace, social science is still very much a science.But what do you do when the evidence for a hypothesis is mixed?How can we test it?We know that social science can’t make predictions, but can at least help us to think through questions and questions can be answered, say social scientists Daniel Addams and Anne Akerlof, whose research into […]

“Sociology: How I built a social universe for myself”

I can imagine the response to a book like this: “It’s a social theory that’s as much about theory as it is about facts and research.”What if I told you that there’s a book that says that you can build a social world that’s the opposite of what you thought you knew?That’s the power of the sociological imaginary.Sociologists tend to […]

The most important book of 2017? 5 Books that are shaping the social sciences

Business Insider (BU) title 5 Books That Shape the Social Sciences article BU title 5 Ways to Make a Difference article BU source Business News (BRN) title The Top 5 Books of 2017 (The Top 50) article BRN title The 5 Books on the New Top 50 List (The New Top 100) article BU article BU link Business Insider

How to be a social justice warrior

The word “social justice” has been around since the 1960s.But it’s only been in the last decade that the movement has gained traction and gained prominence.Social justice warriors are a growing and influential force in Canadian society.The concept has a lot to do with the way that social justice movements have used their platform to bring about social change.We’re seeing […]

‘A man who can’t help but think of the Internet as a place of power’

A man who has been living with a rare condition for decades has finally found a way to help others who suffer from it: a way of “seeing the Internet not as a threat, but as a way for people to get to know each other.”The “Internet-powered” husband is a man named Andrew, and he’s the author of the new […]

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